What's up, I'm Coach Chloe

If you're done with the shame, impossible meal plans, and ridiculous workouts- you're in the right place.

Having worked with over 200 women on their Fitness & Nutrition journeys as a Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer, I know what it takes for women to be successful.  

And I know what it takes to ensure failure. 

Failure starts with that thing between your ears. Your brain.

It makes up excuses as to why something isn’t possible or the right time or or why you can’t afford it or why it can’t work for you. 

it tells you that you just need to more motivation, the new skinny tea, or an IG HIIT workout

And it’s so convincing that you believe it. 

My goal is to eradicate all of this from your life so that you can truly level up. Because honestly, I’m tired of watching people become victims to low self esteem and diet culture. I’m here to help you take back control. 

This is exactly why I created my 6 Week ConFITdent Woman Project.

This is not your average fitness program! We are SO done with crash diets, quick fixes, and the constant feelings of failure. 

ConFITdent Woman is a fat loss & strength building program at the core, but confidence is KEY!

We will address many life issues that have held you back, prevented you from taking action, and kept you from sticking to a plan. 

You will leave this program with a much deeper understanding of yourself and what drives you, stops you, and how to be successful in anything you wish to pursue.  

What do I get with the program?  

ConFITdent women will walk away with…

1. Exactly how to workout for your body without doing ridiculous influencer workouts (You’ll get to workout LIVE with me!)

2. No more depriving yourself of delicious foods only to binge on them later. (You’ll finally learn how to eat for maximum energy, pleasure, and results)

3. A fresh take on self love (you can simultaneously love your body AND be working on making changes)

The ConFITdent Women approach is the rock solid foundation to your fitness & nutrition that you’ve been missing.

In 6 weeks you can expect to:

- Lose fat & get toned

- Stop seeing workouts as a chore that you hate

- Finally figure out what and how to eat

- Grow your confidence from the inside out

- Get a plan you can stick to for life

If you are coachable, ready to invest in yourself, and ready to shift your mindset on how you approach fat loss…

It's time to become a ConFITdent Woman.

Book your free 1:1 with me!

If you’ve failed to lose the weight or keep it off in the past, most likely the issue was lack of coaching and accountability.

Coaching changes lives and accountability keeps you on track – I’ve got both for you.  

I know you are questioning whether or not now is the time you can be successful. You want to change your body, but you’re afraid of giving up, of falling off the wagon, of starting over again…  

Want to hear what my ConFITdent Women are saying?

  • "I NEVER felt restricted or shamed, which is what I found with other platforms. Definitely a safe environment to grow and build self confidence."  
  • ” I lost 14 pounds, I lost inches everywhere and most importantly I feel so much better! My energy levels are so much higher, and my confidence is up.” 
  • “I'm so glad I did this! I was definitely hesitant and wasn't sure it would be worth it, but it totally was and I am so glad I just made the commitment and jumped in.”  

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